So we’ve finally hit the GO button and our website is live for bookings! It’s been a hugely busy few months as we prepared for this!

The idea for Sleep Stars came to us over some avocado and toast…as all the best ideas do. We already run Sparkle Stars, a children’s party service in Glasgow and surrounding areas and a lot of the parents we meet at parties say they’re having some of the kids to stay over that night. This announcement usually comes with a sigh and an eye roll as they explain they had to cobble together duvets, mattresses and sofa cushions as well as move lamps and furniture around to accommodate the kids. Sometimes the children/teens moan that the set up isn’t particularly comfortable or exciting and then finally, when everyone goes home, they face the task of putting it all back together and mountains of washing! And so Sleep Stars was born. A sleepover kit, delivered to your door in space saving, stackable boxes, which contains everything for the perfect slumber party! All you need to do is follow the easy set up instructions and you have a magical and practical sleep space within minutes. When it’s morning, pop everything back in the box and send it back to us to do the washing.


It took a few months to bring our idea to reality, we had to work out which products would make life easiest for our customers while still looking good, being easy to care for and being sturdy enough to travel well. Soon though, we had our kits assembled, which include over £250 of premium supplies. We then worked on packaging, sourced the best courier we could find and found a fabulous website designer to bring Sleep Stars to life. We were then on to photography, social media, branding and more. It seemed never ending at one point but we’re finally here! Juggling an existing business and four children between us while launching Sleep Stars has been tricky but we’re so proud of the end result!

One thing we struggled with was the idea of wasted sleeping bags when they are in slightly less than pristine condition. We obviously wouldn’t want to send our clients something flawed but we didn’t like the idea of sending perfectly useable goods to landfill when it’s time to replace them. We’ve solved this dilemma by connecting with some local homeless charities who are going to advise us on distributing sleeping bags and other items to people who could really benefit from them. The idea of our business being able to create warmth for someone in need on a cold night gives us the warm and fuzzies and we can’t wait to give out our first batch!

This weekend sees our first kit going out for hire and we’re hoping everyone has a great time. We have a few birthday party celebrations booked in for the coming weeks and it’s so good to know that the kids will have ball and parents will have a slightly easier time thanks to our kits – let’s face it, having a group of kids for 24 hours can be full on, the last thing you need is to be left with a pile of laundry and mess at the end of it!

So now that we’re up and running it’s time to aim high and tell the world about Sleep Stars! If you see us on social media, a wee hello, like or share is honestly so much appreciated!

Through all our party planning years, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a good sleepover and picked up loads of ideas for kids sleepover parties so will share some hints and tips on here soon as well as keeping everyone updated on how Sleep Stars is growing.

Big Love,

Susan and Nadia