Has your child asked for a sleepover party for their birthday or other special occasion? Having a group of kids to stay over for a slumber party can be great fun (see our blog on Sleepover Party Ideas) but there’s a few safety points to keep in mind to make sure that having extra guests to stay goes without a hitch!

Sleepover Safety Tips 1

Here’s our 12 tips for a safe and successful sleepover party.

  1. SET GROUND RULES – You don’t want to be a killjoy but it’s best to lay out any rules before the sleepover party starts so that all the kids know where they stand. Let them know any areas of the house or any items that are out of bounds.
  2. CONTACT DETAILS – Make sure you have a phone number and address for all the kids. Store it in your phone or write it somewhere handy so that you can get them quickly if anyone becomes unwell or upset during the night.
  3. BE ALLERGY AWARE – Check if anyone has food allergies or allergies to any products that you may use for entertainment (facemasks or craft materials). It’s best to find this out before the kids arrive so that you can stock up on suitable snacks and supplies.
  4. CHECK FOR MEDICAL ISSUES – Similar to above, check if anyone has any medical issues you should be aware of and how they should be dealt with if any issues arise. This could include epilepsy, diabetes, ibs, asthma  or a number of other conditions. Find out if there has to be any medication administered and at what time. If you’re unsure of anything you could just ask their mum or dad to pop round but it’s best to be prepared so you know what to do if any complications arise.
  5. FIRST AID KIT – Bumps and scrapes are par for the course when groups of kids get together. Keeping some plasters and antiseptic cream to hand mean that any little cuts or bruises can be easily dealt with.
  6. REMOVE PETS – Kids may be keen to snuggle up with furry friends but it’s best to keep them out the room when you go to bed. Animals can become stressed in different and noisy environments and you don’t want to risk any caged critters escaping if someone doesn’t know how to secure the doors properly.
  7. NIGHTLIGHTS – A few nightlights (like the ones in a Sleep Stars kit or similar) help make sure that no-one is frightened or trips over in an unfamiliar setting during the night.
  8. SWITCH OFF WIFI – You can’t be too careful when it comes to internet safety these days. Switching off wifi at bedtime means that there can be no games or social media that you’re unable to monitor.
  9. SHOW KIDS WHERE YOU ARE – Make sure the children all know where to find you during the night if they need adult help with anything.
  10. CHECK LOCKS – You probably do this before bed anyway but it’s extra important to make sure that doors and windows are secured as you never know if you’ll have a little sleepwalker or daredevil in your midst!
  11. REMOVE DANGEROUS ITEMS – Your own kids will no doubt know what they should and shouldn’t touch but with other kids in the house, it’s best to ensure that anything like medication, alcohol or sharp/heavy objects are out of reach so you can sleep soundly (well, as soundly as is possible with a house full of excited kids!)
  12. FINAL CHECK BEFORE BED – Once everyone is tucked up in their sleeping bags, have a quick check round for any safety issues. Clear any tripping hazards, unplug any chargers or other fire hazards, shut windows and any internal doors that you don’t want the kids going through during the night.

We hope that the above advice has been useful and helps your sleepover party run smoothly. Most of it is just common sense but if it’s your first time having a group of kids to stay then it may be useful for you! If you can think of anything else we haven’t covered then we would love to hear your thoughts!

Sleepover Safety Tips 2